The Undertaker (deadmanrises) wrote,
The Undertaker

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ok orton is really getting me angry *lighing strikes in the background) i'm going to take the little punk out. hes going to hurt so much he will fell it till hes 80 if i let him live that long!
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You know if you continue to be angry it's gonna stress you out and thats not good for a man of your age *smirks* I missed you Dead-Guy *hugs*
*lighting strikes* my age MY AGE! i may be old but i did sleep with the locker room SLUT your telling me your old and you slept with the lockeroom slut, even though I didnt need to hear that little unwanted fact of yours... which lockeroom slut did you sleep with latly theres been a few *smirks at the new found gossip*
i didn't sleep with the locker room slut
..sure I REALLY believe you now! HA! *snickers*
your the locker room sult
NO! trish is the locker room slut it was a miss typing (the keybored was messed up to much blood flying around)

Deleted comment

urg *lighting strikes trish* i never slept with your skank ass it was a miss fucking typing now shut your moith and leave me alone!
all you gonna go cry in a corner now.. huh dead-guy *laughs* Pretty pathetic that even I am getting into your head now!
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