The Undertaker (deadmanrises) wrote,
The Undertaker

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i'm done... no it can't be.. wait.. let me think.. ha.. hahaha... hahahahahahaha. muahahahaha. the deadman will return!! and befor i get to orton i have some words about the match.. yes it is true i lost but i but i'll be back. ok excuse my words i'm still pissed off. bob your not a cowboy your a coward. a no good peice of shit. you do not deserve to be the the hall of fame... i hate both of you with every fiber in my being. i'll be back believe me. you haven't seen the last of the deadman. gas all over the casket lighting me on fire! you thought you got me. you thoguht it was that easy.. learn this BOY! i'm imperviouse to pain i'm from DEATH VALLY and you sure as HELL know I'M THE UNDERTAKER!!! and know this I WILL NOT REST IN PEACE!!
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